Maksym Plaksin - Graphic Designer & Front-End Developer

Maksym Plaksin

Creative Graphic Designer, Front-End Developer

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BEDAX Print House, Poland.

We employed Maksym Plaksin without knowledge of the Polish language (as a refugee from Ukraine). He turned out to be a positive, open and communicative person. From the very first days, he started working on current orders and showed himself as a professional designer who can be given a task and in a reasonable time get a finished product that the client likes. His work included the design of business cards, flyers, posters and banners. Maksym quickly learned how to do large-format printing, cutting and pasting stickers on different materials. When we needed help in production, Maksym learned how to work on a rolling machine, stitched booklets and did other routine work. At the same time, he easily switched to work in the office.

In just 6-7 months, Maksym, by listening to audiobooks, learned the Polish language at a level sufficient for comfortable mutual understanding.

For almost a year of work, Maksym was on sick leave only once due to the coronavirus. He proved to be a very stable and punctual worker. Easily found a common language with colleagues. Maintained order in the workplace. Creatively approached tasks, tried to optimise work processes.

To our regret, Maksym decided to look for work in another city. Since he became a member of our work team, we sadly let him go. But we will always be glad if he comes back.

We recommend Maksym as a very diligent, professional worker with a wide profile.

Daniel Leśniak, Poland
BEDAX Print House, business owner

Paweł Czajka, Poland
BEDAX Print House, production manager

March 30, 2023

UpWork feedback screenshot. Job: Web Designer. Excellent work on the web pages Max. As always, a pleasure to work with you.

Brad Pilon, Canada. MedwinHouse Inc, founder of CLKBooks and author of EatStopEat

In the over 8 years I have worked with Maksym I have never been disappointed with his work, communication skills or professionalism.

As the owner of a direct marketing and on-line publishing company I have relied on Maksym to deliver work that is consistently on-time and on-spec. He is well organized, always available, and always willing to take on even the toughest projects while routinely providing excellent work.

I value Maksym's expertise in page creation, ebook cover design, his ability to adapt to the ever changing demands of digital projects including responsive design, html5, css3, jQuery and his professional approach to task estimations and project reporting.

Brad Pilon, Canada
MedwinHouse Inc, founder of CLKBooks and author of Eat Stop Eat

January 21, 2023

UpWork feedback screenshot. Job: Brand Identity Consultant. Great job, Maksym! Thanks! Drafting graphic design, and particularly html/css skills = superb. Highly recommended!

To Whom it May Concern,

Morgan Pomroy, Canada. Project Manager - AlphaNation & PureLife Organics

My name is Morgan Pomroy, and I am the current Project Manager for AlphaNation & PureLife Organics.

We currently employ Maksym as a contractor for front-end development, and occasionally designs for our e-books and web pages.

I have worked with Maksym for about 5 years now, and I consider him to be an essential employee. He is talented at his craft, he is quick and effective and he ensures he is available to us whenever needed.

On top of his speed, effectiveness, and availability, he is also a perfectionist. He takes great pride in his work, and won't deliver something unless it is of the highest quality. He will reach out and ask questions to ensure that he provides us with exactly what we are looking for, so we are always happy with the end result.

He is an incredibly loyal and reliable employee. He has worked for the company for 8 years, and he is always in contact, keeping us up to date on his availability. We never have to worry that something won't be delivered on time and we never have to chase him to complete his work. He keeps busy and is a self-starter, always working on something. Even in the wake of a devastating war, he remained reliable and willing to continue his work.

Maksym is always easy to communicate with, is friendly, and is willing to take feedback. In all of the years I have worked with him, I have found him to be a delightful addition to our team, as he is so easy to work with.

If you hire Maksym, I can guarantee you won't be disappointed. You will be gaining an employee that you can ALWAYS rely on, which I believe to be one of the most valuable things you can look for.

Please feel free to reach out to me at if you have any additional questions.


Morgan Pomroy, Canada
Project Manager – AlphaNation & PureLife Organics

January 11, 2023

UpWork feedback screenshot. Job: Web Design. Maksym did a great job for us. High quality work.

Ryan Murdock, Germany. Founder and CEO of Shapeshifter Media

Maksym is Shapeshifter Media’s go-to developer for sales page creation, ebook cover design, landing pages and anything that requires responsive HTML coding.

Our online publishing niche relies on constant testing, fast turnaround times, and rapid response to customer demand. It’s no wonder the flake out rate for freelancers used by our competitors is around three months.

We were overjoyed to find Maksym back in 2009. He’s fast. He’s willing to make time when we need him — including evenings and weekends. And he can code anything we’ve been able to throw at him. He’s also utterly reliable.

When I started the Personal Landscapes podcast to promote my work as a writer, I hired Maksym to create my logo because I knew he could translate the vague images in my head into exactly the logo I wanted to represent my new brand.

He’s a pleasure to work with, both for his competence and his personal integrity. I can’t recommend him more highly.

If you have questions, please feel free to contact me:

Ryan Murdock, Germany
Founder and CEO of Shapeshifter Media

January 13, 2023

Ryan is the author of Vagabond Dreams: Road Wisdom from Central America, Editor-at-Large (Europe) for Outpost magazine, and a columnist for the Shift, an independent Maltese news portal. He also hosts the podcast Personal Landscapes, where he talks with writers and publishers to get the story behind books about place. He is a fellow of the Royal Geographical Society.

UpWork feedback screenshot. Job: Brand Identity Consultant. Maxim performed each and every task beyond our expectations. We look forward to working with him in the future. Grab him now before a big firm snatches him up!

Chandy Howe, USA. CLKBooks project manager

I have worked with Maksym for over 4 years on page design and coding for all of our landing and sales pages. It has been an absolute pleasure having him on our team! Maksym is easy to communicate with, extremely punctual, and has gone above and beyond when needed (i.e. rushing jobs, working on weekends, holidays etc). He has always been great about making creative suggestions or asking questions when needed so that we get the best result possible.

Some of the tasks he has regularly completed include:
New page design, cloning existing pages, editing of pages, creating new products, altering or creating product images, altering or creating ebook covers, and helping with creative content on our blog.

Chandy Howe, USA
CLKBooks project manager

January 14, 2023

UpWork feedback screenshot. Job: Web Designer. He came up with very good suggestions and followed through under budget and on time.

UpWork feedback screenshot. Job: Graphic Designer. Great work!

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