Maksym Plaksin - Graphic Designer & Front-End Developer

Maksym Plaksin

Creative Graphic Designer, Front-End Developer

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This page contains additional information about me: status, desires, specifics, etc.


June 2024: Looking for a long term on-site job in Wuppertal (Germany) or nearby as a graphic (web / print) designer, front-end developer. Considering job offers as a branding specialist or creative consultant.


My interests and desires for a new job:

  • Friendly team, positive atmosphere, good equipped workplace;

  • Opportunity to learn new technologies and languages;

  • Standard social package (lunch time, paid vacation and sick days)

  • Average market salary for region (I'm not ambitious, just asking for fairness)


Me at production. BEDAX, production, 2022

I'm good at routine work (can do any technical operations for a long time without burn out). For example, process big amount of photos, draw icon sets, create pixel art, finalize existing/thirdparty design elements, monotonous coding, testing, etc.

I'm a "switcher". I can (and even like) time to time switch between tasks and projects and between different types of work (e.g. physical, creative and intelligent). Thus, you'd get my best everywhere, without whine.

Me at production. BEDAX, production, 2022

For example, between doing graphic design tasks in BEDAX (see the photo), I helped a lot in production (worked on a folding and binding machines, did hand sorting and packaging, helped to cut and glue large stickers), and switched here-there many times without any problems. So, I'm not "hypersensitive design-princess", I'm tough productive worker in a broad sense.

I'm fine with criticism of my work. I understand that I'm working not for myself, but for clients and in the name of their success. I'm taking into account all wishes and offer different options until a best result is reached. Fortunately, most of the time my work is not criticized.

I'm not afraid of new things, I like to learn, I like challenges, I like to expand my horizons!

…also, I love team camping, good music, philadelphia rolls, pencil drawing, poetry writing, fountain pen journaling, coding for fun, AI research, leather handicraft. But, that's another story…


Q: Why did you choose a dark theme for your designer portfolio?

A dark theme allows to focus on a content as much as possible. Eyes relaxing, you want to stay for longer and you discover more and more small details which popping out here and there. Digital-green on black immerses you in The Matrix (F11 to enjoy it full screen).

Q: What's under the hood of this website?

This website runs on the self-written (PHP) component-oriented core named White Tiger 0.3, which I created for one of my own projects. Everything else was written from scratch to demonstrate my actual capabilities. Stack of used technologies: PHP, HTML, CSS, JavaScript, jQuery with plugins, GeoIP, OOP, Unit Tests, CSS modules, keyframe animations, 2D & 3D effects and more.

Q: Are you going to add or change something?

I want to add one more section with code examples and different useful things: bookmarks, code snippets, libraries, templates, graphics, etc. Just need some free time to deal with it. Now I am busy searching for a new job. Maybe next quarter…

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